Fetty Wap Reveals Why He Fell Back From Making Music

Fetty Wap spoke to Fat Joe in his first interview following his release from jail after accusations of running a drug trafficking operation.

Fetty Wap has spoken to Fat Joe about what caused his disappearance from the rap game after seemingly dominating with hits like “Trap Queen” and “679.” 

The New Jersey native, who is still signed to RGF Records, where he began his career, and 300 Entertainment, said issues over finances led to a depression causing him to fall back eventually.  


Early in the discussion, Fat Joe asked Fetty Wap what made him leave the industry at a time when he was experiencing such success.  

“You’re on fire, you’re breaking records, destroying the game, running the game. “Trap Queen” sold more records than me … ten million f###### records, Diamond,” Joe remarked. “You sold ten million and then to me, it felt like you disappeared, like you just fell back.” 

“I think it was more so the people I had around me wasn’t experienced,” Fetty replied. “Nobody was experienced honestly.” Joey Crack agreed and said he had been through similar experiences with his own ”homeboy management.”  

Nevertheless, Fetty Wap was in the process of figuring out what was going on, particularly with the finances.  

“Before I got on, they was telling me every time you go platinum, supposedly, they said you get a million dollars. We went platinum in four weeks. So, you know I’m like, ‘Where that check at?’” Fetty explained. “Then three weeks later after that, we went double platinum. So, I’m like ‘That’s two in the account right there.’” However, Fetty Wap told a similar story to so many other artists who come into the game and wonder where all the money has gone. “Now all the lies is flowing,” he said. 

Fetty Said “I’m Paying For Everything”

Fetty Wap revealed the financial burden became too much for him at one point:  

“I felt like I had to do everything myself. I put up all the bread for the tours, I paid for the tour buses; everything came out of my expenses. It was like I got to pay y’all but I’m paying for everything else. I kinda got depressed in a sense. If I’m the front man, why nobody backing me? I ain’t about to go broke trying to figure out what’s going on. I’m gone save my money.”  

“You know where we come from, I ain’t gone’ let nobody play with my papers,” he said. “I don’t wanna’ look rich and be broke.” 

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Meanwhile, on Sunday (Nov. 21) Fetty Wap performed live for the first time after he was released on a $500,000 bond for allegedly running a bicoastal opioid ring. Fetty said he is unable to discuss his arrest at Rolling Loud last month or the case but reassured Fat Joe he is taking it seriously and has a good team around him.  


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