Fetty Wap Gets Dragged By Turquoise Miami For Using Their Daughter’s Death As A Marketing Ploy

Fetty Wap

The mother of Fetty Wap’s late child Lauren Maxwell just went in on the “Trap Queen” rapper, claiming his was a deadbeat dad to their late child.

During a recent interview with Fat Joe, Fetty Wap mentioned his bouts with depression after losing his 4-year-old daughter Lauren Maxwell over the summer.

His daughter’s mother, Turquoise Miami, flipped out on him for mentioning their child.

Turquoise asserted that Fetty doesn’t have the right to utter anything about the child in death because he was a deadbeat when she was alive.

Turquoise Miami did not end it there.

She claimed that the “Trap Queen” rapper is using his daughter’s death as a marketing ploy to help his career because he is launching a project in late October called The Butterfly Effect and connecting it to the toddler’s love for the colorfully-winged insects.

The bereaved mom stated, “She likes butterflies just like she likes all animals, but she was always a mermaid princess. Like the little mermaid…that was her thing!

She had the mermaid doll, the matching clothes, she made me buy her best friend a mermaid doll too,” Turquoise continued pointing out the fact that he was such a neglectful dad that he made up her butterfly fascination to gain sympathy from fans.

“We had to watch ‘The Little Mermaid’ every day and sing along to the soundtrack every morning,” she adds. “I’m not throwing no f###### butterflies knowing it was a marketing scheme for a N#### to use.”

In addition to naming his album “The Butterfly Effect,” after his child’s death on July 24th, three weeks after his 30th birthday, Fetty told fans on his Instagram to drop butterflies in his comments in her memory.

In his interview with Fat Joe, Fetty said he was in “a dark space” since little Lauren’s passing.

Turquoise was not having it. She later addressed his interview with the Terror Squad general. After Fetty shared that it gets dark for him sometimes, she stated, “You’re grieving for the time that you didn’t take advantage of. You’re not actually grieving because you miss this little girl because you have a connection with

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“You didn’t call her every day, you didn’t call her every week, you didn’t call her every month,” Turquoise vehemently spat. “This n#### probably called her about one to two times a f###### year. You’re not grieving for what you actually lost because when you had the ability to have it, you were not interested.”

The Jersey rapper has not directly commented on her allegations. He did post a subliminal response on IG that could give fans a notion of where he is with them.

“I’m Fighting real life s### … I don’t respect the internet s### .. Much love for the ones who bring peace in my life at this point 〽️s … #Focused