Freddie Gibbs’ Ex-Girlfriend Mad Over Breakup After Fighting Griselda Crew And Paying His Phone Bill

Freddie Gibbs and thefitmami

Former girlfriend shows receipts proving how rapper loved her and then switched up on her when she got pregnant.

Freddie Gibbs’ ex, adult film star Destini Creams aka TheFitMami, has taken it to Twitter to talk about their split.

According to the woman, once she got pregnant, Gibbs went from doting about their love to dodging calls. Eventually, after he told her to get rid of the child and she stopped paying his phone bill, the two stopped speaking.

It was revealed Gibbs was dating an adult film star last year. It seems around this time in 2022, the two were in love and couldn’t get enough of each other. In fact, they had matching baseball jerseys with her nickname Fit Mami 69 and his, Big Rabbit 11.

Now that things are bad and the two are on the outs, she’s airing out all of his business on social media.

“So y’all remember when I dated Freddie Gibbs right? well let’s talk about it,” she tweeted on May 4. “Freddie and I met in 2020 when he slid into my DMs on Instagram. and for the record, he always knew I did p### and was very supportive.”

“After we made it official blogs started posting about us, we didn’t care we were just having fun,” the next post read. “Shortly after that it was time to go to Europe. we went, we enjoyed it, everything was great. We would always talk about having a baby. none of it was one-sided.”

“After we got back from Europe his stateside tour started. everything was good until we got jumped in Buffalo, NY. here’s me fighting looking thicc in the orange. Freddie is in the back in the green.”

“That day really changed everything for me. I ended up having to get a prescription for Xanax because I was so paranoid. I was having nightmares. it was horrible. I felt like I was going crazy at times.”

“Then one of his baby mamas who I’ve never met, & never even spoken to started sending me these voice memo threats, talking about the fight that I was literally involved in trying to pull people off of him. be f###### forreal😂”

“1.) Everyone knows I do p###, I’m not ashamed of it. 2.) My BD and I have joint custody of our daughter. I get her for a week, then she goes to her dad’s for a week. anytime I was with Freddie it was during the weeks my daughter would be at her dad’s.”

“So, no I was never “pawning” her off with anyone. ANYWHOOOO.. This is my chain that was snatched during the fight, and literally Benny wearing it the next day💀 I think all they ended up getting from me was the charm but ✨still✨”

She posted that she started to feel scared whenever they went to New York.

“Shortly after we decided to take a vacation to Hawaii for Freddie’s 40TH birthday. we brought his mom, I set up a picnic for him on the beach…”

After a series of posts, sharing videos and text messages to show that they were really in love, she mentioned they wanted to have a son and name him “Penny,” after Penny Hardaway.

Then she posted a video of him telling her how much he loved her and wanted her to live with him.

But then says after she actually got pregnant, he flipped on her.

“December 12 came around and I took a pregnancy test that was very faintly positive. I was supposed to get my period December 13th so I was right around 4 weeks pregnant when I found out.”

“When I told Freddie his tone immediately changed. I let a few days go by because I knew he was in Chicago with his family for the holidays, but I also knew we had to continue this conversation.”

“I’m so confused at this point because have we not been talking about having a baby for the last 8 months??”

“Shortly after this we had to go to Australia and I could tell he was still avoiding the conversation. One night we went to the club and he was like ‘I know we have some s### to figure out when we get home’. it was a 2-week tour but I decided to leave after 1 week”

“I needed to get home, find out how far along I was etc… So, I flew home and a couple weeks went by. When Freddie got home from Australia we talked again in person. he was telling me how he “wasn’t ready for a child” this and that… whole time I’m just confused cause.”

“The next morning, he had to go to NY for Jimmy Fallon, and I told him if he wants me to get an abortion is not going to continue to be in a relationship with him. He cried. I cried. That was the end of that. so, I went to the abortion clinic thinking I was about 9 weeks pregnant.”

“I get there and the doctor lets me know I’m closer to 12 weeks, and I saw our little baby moving around and I knew then that I couldn’t go through with it. after we broke up, I turned his phone off, because I was paying his phone bill.”

“He never checked on me after, ‘said procedure’ never called to confirm if I went through with it. I just simply never heard from him again.” Adding, “I’ve reached out to him, his manager, his assistant, and no one will respond, I feel like I’ve done my part, kept it real, and this is the thanks I get. noted.🫡 I no longer want a response, no bad blood. I’m going to be just fine. But I had to speak my truth💕”

Freddie Gibbs has not commented on her side of the story.