Fire Damages Youth Basketball Court Donated By NLE Choppa

NLE Choppa

The “Champions” rapper plans to remodel the site.

NLE Choppa (born Bryson Potts) recently celebrated opening the brand new Dream Court in Tennessee. According to reports, a fire engulfed the outdoor basketball court located at the Raleigh Community Center on Sunday.

“I feel like Memphis is in need of more things of this nature that represent a positive light,” stated Choppa. The Cottonwood 2 album creator attended the May ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Dream Court.

Unfortunately, The Dream Court has been damaged less than two weeks after NLE Choppa helped open the site. Apparently, the destructive blaze started from a pile of fireworks being ignited in the center of the court.

“It is very sad that this random action destroyed a new and valued community asset,” said Nick Walker, Memphis Parks Director, in a statement to Memphis-based WREG.

He continued, “Memphis Parks really appreciates the partnership and sponsorship that led to the creation of The Dream Court, and we really look forward to finding a way to get an asset of similar quality back into the Raleigh community.”

Walker also confirmed he had spoken to NLE Choppa and Lieberman Charities to express appreciation for their efforts. Choppa worked with former WNBA coach Nancy Lieberman’s Lieberman Charities to donate the state-of-the-art basketball court designed for the local youth.

“Big Thanks to @nancylieberman & the city of Memphis! My first basketball court for [the] city and this won’t be my last 💪🏽,” wrote NLE Choppa on Instagram last month. The “Champions” rapper also took to his Instagram Story to respond to the news of the fire. Yesterday, Choppa posted, “It’s ok. [We’re] remodeling.”