Fivio Foreign Arrested For Beating Up His Pregnant Girlfriend

Fivio Foreign

The Brooklyn rapper is being held without bail for beating up his girlfriend inside of their luxury condo over the weekend!

More details are coming about the arrest of Fivio Foreign, and they are rather shocking. According to reports, the 30-year-old rapper was busted for assault in Edgewater, New Jersey over the weekend.

And who was the victim? His pregnant girlfriend!

According to The Daily Voice, the rapper attacked his 24-year-old girlfriend on Saturday (October 11th) inside of his luxury condo in The Alexander building in the city.

The Brooklyn native, born Maxie Lee Ryles III, is currently being held in the Bergen County Jail without bail over the vicious assault on his girlfriend, who is expecting their second child together.

Over the weekend, news of his arrest broke after Fivio’s mugshot started circulating on the internet.

Just before his arrest, Fivio dropped a new song with King Von called “I Am What I Am.”