Fivio Foreign Defends Drill Music Amid NYPD Claims Linking Drill To Rising Gun Violence

Fivio Foreign said: “It’s not the music that’s killing people,” and is taking action to prevent drill music from being taken off the airwaves.

Fivio Foreign has spoken in support of drill music and the artists who create it, following NYPD’s claims that drill music is connected to rising gun violence in the city. 

“This the drill community, and I know like, the police and everybody be looking at n##### like n##### is starting trouble, but n##### ain’t really starting trouble,” he told TMZ. “They tryna feed they kids.”  

Fivio’s comments concerning drill music come amid concerns raised by NYPD Deputy Chief Joseph Gulotta.  

“The music definitely inflames the situation. But these are gang shootings,” he told the New York Daily News. “I think sometimes rap and the lyrics ignite, cause some issues. But I don’t think that’s the underlying motive at the end of the day,” he continued.  

However, Fivio Foreign disagreed and defended his craft. “They tryna take away the drill music off the radio,” he said. “They tryna stop it from being on the radio. And we having meetings with everybody, we tryna let them know, it’s not the music that’s killing people. It’s the music that’s helping n##### from the hood get out the hood. You feel me? So, we need that. You take that from us, n##### is gonna be in the hood, killing each other.” 

TMZ caught Fivio Foreign as he was leaving a meeting to discuss “the future of drill music on the airwaves,” at The Palm, NY. He told TMZ he was doing “everything positive” and also spoke on the proposed law concerning the use of rap lyrics in court. Listen to the full interview below. 

Fivio Foreign Talks Importance of Drill Music