Fivio Foreign Gets His Flowers From Nicki Minaj For New Album ‘B.I.B.L.E.’

Fivio Foreign is “rlly hittin the mthafkn spot” with his debut album, according to “We Go Up” collaborator Nicki Minaj.

Fivio Foreign released his long-awaited debut studio album last week and has been on the receiving end of high praise ever since. 

The rising Brooklyn drill star dropped the Kanye West-produced B.I.B.L.E. last week (Apr.8) to much acclaim. The latest plaudits come from New York rap icon Nicki Minaj. 

Nicki Minaj and Fivio Foreign surprised fans, dropping the collaborative effort “We Go Up,” last week. Nicki gave Fivio his flowers, highlighting his originality and applauding him for a stellar debut. 

“This fivio foreign album rlly hittin the mthafkn spot,” Nicki wrote. “Sooooo SOLID. Sonically authentic & well thought out. Cohesive body of work with a signature sound that is very true to where he’s from.” She also gave a shout-out to Kayccy, Chloe, and Coi LeRay. “Kayccy is [flame emoji] on both of his songs. chloe bodied her verse. Loved coi too @fivioforeign_8fs,” she added. 

Fivio Foreign, who said all the love and support for B.I.B.LE. made him “wanna buss a gangsta tear,” appreciated the co-sign. “Nicci said my Album fire 🔥🔥🔥,” he tweeted. “That’s tuff 🔥🔥🔥” 

He also gave himself props for the success of his first full-length offering. “5 Billboards in Times Square, Top 5 songs in NY on Apple at once, & articles in both Daily News & NY Times.. Don’t ever let that n#### say he the King Of this city 🗽,” wrote Favio. 

Meanwhile, Fivio Foreign revealed that he almost missed out on a Destiny’s Child sample and had to switch up his lyrics to appease Queen Bey. 

Fivio Foreign Had To “Clean Up” His Lyrics For Beyoncé 

During a recent Hot 97 interview, he explained that he had to “clean up” the lyrics if he wanted to clear the sample for “What’s My Name” featuring Coi Leray and Queen Naija. 

“Shout out to Destiny’s Child, I appreciate that. They cleared that joint. She [Beyonce] had to hear it. She heard it,” he said before admitting he had to make some changes. “It was a little vulgar a little bit for her, at first. I cleaned it up a lot! It was like ‘nah, you can’t be talking about girls like that.”