Fivio Foreign Has Altercation With Paris Police, Reps Says He Was Drugged

Fivio Foreign

A spokesperson for the artist said he was never arrested despite getting into it with French cops.

Brooklyn rapper Fivio Foreign was reportedly drugged while visiting Europe for a few small engagements during Paris Fashion Week.

What should have been a fantastic night turned out to be a full-out brawl that spilled out into the streets and had French law enforcement investigating.

According to TMZ, the “Spicy” rapper was performing at L’Arc, a Paris nightclub on Saturday (June 24) when the melee popped off. The drill rapper reportedly started acting unusually violent and police were called to figure what was going on. Police tried to talk him down, but nothing was really connecting.

Reps for the star say their client had been roofied, meaning someone allegedly slipped drugs into his drink without him knowing it. He eventually calmed down and police left the premise, allowing Fivio Foreign to return to his hotel without being arrested or detained.

The altercation comes a day after he got some new ice for his travels to France.

In a video posted on Twitter, he picked up a $200,000 “chunky” VVS emerald cut diamonds piece on a rose gold link chain. Playfully, he called it “a big boy” and referred to the brilliance on the chain as “water.” He said to his friends, “God is Good.”