Fivio Foreign’s Artist Busted At Newark Airport While On The Plane Over Bronx Shooting

Gino Mondana

Artist was caught trying to fly out of the New York City area.

Drill rapper Gino Mondana, an artist down with Fivio Foreign, was arrested for a series of crimes last week. 

New York Police Department detectives have brought in the entertainer on attempted murder charges connected to an April fender-bender where he shot a man in the leg after a brief conflict in the South Bronx.

Gino Mondana was in a car accident with a 22-year-old man on Southern Blvd. near Leggett Ave. around 4:30 a.m. on Fri. April 1st. 

The 31-year-old rapper and the victim exchanged information with each other, but the rapper wanted to go around the insurance company and give the victim money to pay for the repairs out of pocket, the Daily News reports.

Records say he told the victim, “I have the money, let me go inside to get it.” 

The victim agreed. Mondana allegedly left to get the money but returned with a firearm and “fired multiple shots in the (other driver’s) direction,” hitting him in his left leg. 

The younger man was taken to Lincoln Hospital, where he was treated for his injuries. The rapper took off — and was on the run from officers for the last two months.

Officials nabbed the suspect on Thursday, June 2nd, at the Newark International Airport. Members of the NYPD boarded his United Airlines flight before it was about to take off and arrested Mondana, born Tray Stroman, the Daily News reports.

Now, the “Top Ten” rapper is in custody in New Jersey and will be extradited to New York for an arraignment on the charges mentioned above and more. Two of the other counts are weapons possession and menacing.

Gino Mondana gained popularity as a member of Fivio Foreign’s entourage.

Police have linked him to the G Stone Crips street gang, which allegedly boasts other rappers like Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel as members. 

The G Stone Crips are predominately a Brooklyn-based street gang. Stroman signed with Foreign Side Records and once alleged he was the younger rapper of the “Spicy” chart-topper.