Flavor Flav Almost Killed By Massive Boulder

Flavor Flav

Public Enemy co-founder flavor Flav narrowly escaped death, when a boulder came rolling down a mountain and crushed his car!

Flavor Flav is lucky to be alive after a boulder struck his car while he was driving earlier this week.

A representative for the Public Enemy co-founder, real name William Drayton Jr., revealed to TMZ reporters not long after the incident that the star had been on a road trip from Las Vegas to Los Angeles when wet conditions caused a large rock to tumble down a cliffside in the La Tuna Canyon.

The boulder smashed into the right side of Flav’s car, and while it caused him to “briefly” lose control of the vehicle, he was able to pull over to the side of the road.

Reflecting on the incident, the 62-year-old told the outlet that while he came “very close to death” he is “super grateful to be alive.”

In addition, his spokesperson told People, “Thank God he survived and is okay, although a bit emotionally shaken up.”