Footage Of The Busta Rhymes Gym Altercation Released (VIDEO)


Footage from the altercation Busta Rhymes had at NYC’s Steel Gym back in August has been released.

In the clip, Bussa Buss is seen in a heated exchange with an employee. Things take a nasty turn when Busta throws a protein shake and knocks over a monitor. The man is taken away but Busta refuses to leave and is still arguing.

After the incident, he was arrested for assault and later pleaded guilty to second degree harassment. The Brooklyn native also agreed to anger management classes to avoid jail time. He was also fined $420.

The Conglomerate Ent. head recently sat down with Billboard and discussed the ordeal, saying that it was blown out of proportion by the media, police and gym employee.

“It was obvious that these were allegations that were not accurate,.” he said. “If they were accurate, the second-degree felony that I was charged with would not have been reduced to a violation, which is not even a criminal charge, and only a fine for $420 dollars, so I think that the results of the situation and the facts speak for themselves. I’m glad it’s over and behind me. At the end of the day, it wasn’t a big deal in the first place. The fact that it came to this point was a waste of a bunch of people’s time and energy but that’s the one thing I love about the truth. It’s undisputed, regardless what people say or do.”

Watch the video below.