Former G-Unit Artist Olivia Is Making A Comeback; Says There’s No Beef With 50 Cent 

Olivia is releasing a new R&B album this year titled “Under Pressure,” which she promises will be “real R&B,” and “sexy and not raunchy.”

Olivia is making a comeback nearly two years after she first signed to G-Unit when she released hits like “Candy Shop” with 50 Cent.  

She left the label in 2017, just three years after being signed amid “a bunch of politics,” as she explained to AllHipHop in 2009. However, despite rumors of a beef, Olivia says the pair are currently on good terms.  

“We are all good,” Olivia explained to The Jasmine Brand. “People have to understand the type of person he is, being that he’s a cancer, it’s just in his personality. But when we see each other, everything is fine…We saw each other a couple years ago, and it was all love. We reconnected again this year, all fine, so it’s never any bad blood.” 

During a 2014 interview with The Breakfast Club, Olivia accused 50 Cent of becoming angry with her after hearing she was recording music with Missy Elliot alongside her G-Unit records. However, later that same year, Fiddy told the outlet that her relationship with Missy contributed to her departure for altogether different reasons.  

“I didn’t have no problems. Missy started hitting it, if you really want to know. See, it’s [Olivia’s] fault for actually saying that to you,” he said.  

Nonetheless, Olivia admitted she never tires of questions surrounding her G-Unit past. “It’s a great part in history and I was honored to be a part of it,” she said. “We were a big part of the 2003, 2004, ’05, ’06, ’07 era, so I will never be mad or upset with anybody asking those questions.” 

Olivia Is Working On A New Album

As for her comeback, Olivia revealed that she has a “real sexy” new album coming titled, ‘Under Pressure.’   

“I wanted it to be real R&B with the real sexy and not raunchy ya know? So you will definitely get that on this album plus a few other trinkets. I must say it is a well-rounded album. You will be able to play every track straight and not skip.”