Former KKK Leader David Duke Calls Eminem a ‘Puppet’ Over New Song”Campaign Speech”


(AllHipHop News) Eminem’s controversial track “Campaign Speech” criticizing Donald Trump, the Republican party and others, has already ruffled some feathers apparently.

Former Klux Klan Grand Wizard and open Nazi sympathizer David Duke recently called the Detroit spitter a ‘puppet’ in a response to the track on his Twitter account.

In the brief response on the social network, he also pointed the finger at Shady for “poisoning the minds of the youth.”

On the track drawing Duke’s ire, Eminem labeled Donald Trump a “kiss a##” who would be a “loose cannon” with his hand on the [nuclear] button.

The rapper also addressed issues concerning Stacy Dash, Casey Anthony, George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin and others.

Mr. Duke is no stranger to the world of politics himself, as he is currently running for Senate in Louisiana