Former NWA Associate Says He Has 10 Unreleased NWA And Eazy-E Tracks


A former N.W.A associate has come forward saying he has tracks from N.W.A and Eazy-E that have never been heard before. Krazy Dee called into the Murder Master Music Show of UGS Radio and said he had tracks that were not used for previous projects.

“I want to say less than ten songs total,” Krazy Dee told hosts Prezident Bejda and Mac Jay. “Obviously “Gangsta, Gangsta”, but it wasn’t called that originally, it was called “From Around the Way” and it was supposed to be rapped by Eazy, but Eazy didn’t do the song for what ever reason. Cube wrote it, and changed it to “Gangsta, Gangsta.” I have the demo version to “If It Ain’t Ruff” which I think sounds doper than the actual version. There is another track that Dre did called “Goin’ Off”, it had rock music in it. Cube did some little cut I wanna say called “Dog S###.” In the song he is rappin’ about meeting this girl and going to her house and getting caught by her Dad and he runs out the house and steps in dog s###. The beat is hard and the drums on it are real dope.”

Krazy Dee also said he was once a member of the group and was even on the album cover for the group’s first album NWA and the Posse.” He also appeared on Straight Outta Compton tracks “Dopeman” and “Gangsta Gangsta” and toured with the group as well.

Listen to the full interview below.