Former Rapper Kid Rock Catches Heat Over Dead Cougar

Kid Rock Causes Controversy With Dead Mountain Lion!

Kid Rock, the rapper-turned-rocker, has caught some serious flack over a picture posted by Right Wing quack Ted Nugent.

In the picture, Rock and another man are posing with a bloody, dead cougar in a snowy scenario. The Facebook community responded in a myriad of ways to the image.

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One woman showed particular disdain for Kid Rock.

Cindy Wagner said, “Lost all respect for Kid Rock. No excuse killing such a beautiful animal for sport! I will never go to any of your concerts or listen to anything you sing ever again. Shame on you, deer is one thing but a beautiful leaped? You don’t rock in my Detroit work ever again.”

“I am 100% for killing to eat but I am 100% against trophy killing. Kill it and grill it, or leave it alone,” one man named Stephen Beddow said on Facebook.

One woman defended the act and offered his reasoning as well.

“He killed the cat because they kill off the deer and other animals. Here in MN, we have the same problem with wolves,” Erika Helen. “They kill off the animals that we depend on for food. In my neck of the woods, no deer means no winter meat. He did a good thing guys.”

Ted Nugent, a well-regarded Republican rocker, explained his position.

“With more mountain lions in North America than ever in recorded history, this magnificent big game animal represents the unique American wildlife success story of hunters paying the way & demanding science based management. Unlike the p###### n####### in CA that waste millions of tax dollars paying to have them killed & reimbursing ranchers & farmers & citizens for the millions of dollars in destroyed livestsock by a cougar population worth nothing & out of control. Criminal anti-wildlife idiots. Makayla & Shelby got their bigass cats on hunts of a lifetime, just like 1000s & 1000s of other cougar hunters every year. Lion-the other whitemeat! Congrats girls! Hunt on.”