EXCLUSIVE: Former Remy Boy P-Dice Explains Motivation Behind “No Vaseline 2” Diss Aimed At Fetty Wap


(AllHipHop News) Fetty Wap’s former associate P-Dice has unleashed a vicious diss track toward the Remy Boy frontman on a new track called “No Vaseline 2.”

The Paterson, New Jersey native was once a part of Fetty’s click, but things went sour after P-Dice was arrested and hit with attempted murder and weapons charges for his role in a shooting that injured a seven-year-old boy in February.

P-Dice, born Justin Pope, was recently freed on $250,000 bail and signed with NASCAR team owner Ralo Wonder and is imprint, Wonder Boy Records.

“It was while watching the film, N.W.A. on TV, that I was inspired to use Ice Cube’s ‘No Vaseline’ as a cover to my diss track,” P-Dice told AllHipHop.com. “I am very passionate about my music and career. I feel like the modern day Ice Cube in the flesh with regards to what is going on in my career. I could definitely relate to what Cube was experiencing, so I selected his record to express myself musically”.

Not only has the relationship turned sour, but to make matters worse, P-Dice claims he is owned a substantial amount of publishing from Fetty Wap for the singles like “6,7,9.”

“When we were coming up, I was doing the majority of the writing. I came up with a lot of the ideas. I gave RGF their style and even put the group together”, affirms Dice.

Ralo Wonder said there was no doubt that his Wonder Boy label was going to back P-Dice in an attempt to recoup what is owed to his new artist.

“We are looking to recoup from that as well,” explained Ralo Wonder. “When Fetty Wap first got on, he even stated that this level of success wasn’t supposed to be happening to him, but that this acknowledgement of talent should have been awarded to Dice. On top of all of this business of music, Dice feels betrayed by his very own blood cousin, Nitt Da Gritt, who chose to stay with Fetty over siding with family.”

P-Dice has more new music on the horizon, via a new mixtape. Even the title, “From Remy Boyz to Wonder Boy” is a direct affront to his former crew.

Check out P-Dice’s “No Vaseline 2” diss record to Fetty Wap below: