Foxy Brown Calls Keith Murray A “Crackhead”

Foxy Brown Keith Murray

Fox Boogie fires back at the Def Squad member.

There seems to be some bad blood between former collaborators Keith Murray and Foxy Brown at the moment. Murray ignited the issues following comments he made during an interview with The Art of Dialogue published on December 28, 2022.

“Me and Foxy Brown, we became close with each other, like passing each other. We became intimate friends,” claimed Keith Murray. The New York-bred rapper also discussed Brown’s supposedly performing oral sex on him.

He stated, “She gave me hardcore head… And I ate her p####. But I never f##### her. She was with Kurupt at that time.” According to Keith Murray, Brown’s then-boyfriend Kurupt saw them getting off an elevator together at the hotel.

“It was the East Coast-West Coast [beef] going on. I said, ‘I see what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to pin two rappers against each other.’ So I [spun] off… and went the other way. And she went right to him,” recalled Murray.

Saigon Implies Keith Murray Is Trolling For Attention

Foxy Brown fired back at what Keith Murray had to say. The Ill Na Na album creator blasted Murray in a series of Instagram Story posts. A screenshot of a tweet by NYC-based emcee Saigon was one of Brown’s IG posts.

“Keith Murray hit me and said, ‘Saigon I bet U I can be trending overnight…’ He said, ‘These people out here are STUPID [as f###] and pretty much sheep who will follow, engage and partake in ANYTHING’… Guess he was right… Are we really this freaking slow in 2023… Lol,” tweeted Saigon on January 5.

Foxy Brown Fires Shots At Keith Murray

Additionally, Foxy Brown shared her own thoughts about Keith Murray’s recent remarks. She even suggested “The Most Beautifullest Thing in This World” performer has a substance abuse problem and he is in need of money.

“Crackhead ass Murray 😭😭. Wanna die for a life 😂😂😂,” wrote Foxy Brown on her Instagram Story, according to reports. The Brooklynite also allegedly posted, “Boy f##### up adding my name to that fairytale 😂😂.”

Another Instagram Story post from Foxy Brown apparently read, “Now somebody tell dope fiend ass Keith Murray we wanna book him for a walk thru. 😂😂 (1500 and a bag of Jums 🤣🤣🤣).” Keith Murray and Foxy Brown both appeared as featured artists on LL Cool J’s “I Shot Ya (Remix)” posse cut.