UPDATE: Freeway Rick Ross Says “Suspicion Of Holding Drug Money” Charges Dropped

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UPDATE: Freeway Rick Ross just announced that the charges against him were dropped. He posted the following:

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Freeway Rick Ross is one one of the most infamous figures in America for his role in the drug trade, but the reformed dealer was arrested on suspicion of possessing drug money over the weekend.

Authorities said on Saturday that the 55-year old had more than $100,000 in cash on him when he was arrested as part of an on-going investigation. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office said Ross was also arrested for suspicion of conspiring to commit a crime. The Los Angeles Times reports Ross was arrested in the Emerald Triangle, “a region in northwestern California famous for legal and underground marijuana production.”

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At one point, Rick Ross was eventually party to the government’s clandestine plan to push crack into inner city poor people. He was portrayed by Michael K. Williams in the 2014 movie “Kill The Messenger,” which chronicles the real-life saga. His own story was also told in the documentary “Crack In The System.”

Recently, Ross has been mostly known for contributing positively to society as a motivational speaker.

Ross commented on the matter and suggested he again has been targeted by the government.

“To everyone despite what has been said about me in the media this past weekend, I’m okay & this is just another attempt to drag my name through the mud.#TripleOG #crackinthesystem #iamfreewayrickross #iwillbettermypeople #TherealRickRoss #FreewayRickyRoss,” he said.

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