French Montana’s Driver Robbed For $340,000 Worth Of Jewels In New York

French Montana

French Montana’s driver was robbed in front of a popular hotel in Manhattan!

French Montana’s 18-year-old driver was robbed by two men outside of a trendy New York hotel in the Chelsea area at 4:50 a.m. on Sunday morning (June 13).

The thieves assaulted the teenager. At first, the young chauffeur tried to fight them off but to no avail. The robbers, who wore face masks, weren’t going anywhere.

Still, he did not just “let them” rob him. When overwhelming the driver with punches didn’t work, one of the men blasted a warning shot into the ground which ultimately led the driver to choose life over his stuff.

What stuff?

According to reports, the young man was “got” for a $300,000 Richard Mille Watch and a $40,000 gold Cuban link chain. This seems to have been premeditated, assuming that the villains have been marking French Montana’s whereabouts and have been listening to his music.

If they had, they might have heard the lyrics of his newly released single “FWMGAB” that said that his “little chain costs more than your big chain.”

The rapper has been staying at the Dream Hotel, located at 355 West 16th Street. This particular boutique hotel was the site of another recent crime. Thursday morning a 25-year-old man named Byron Morales was shot and killed in front of the hotel as Busta Rhymes partied inside.

This story is developing … but we got it clear … The Dream is really a nightmare.