“Friday” Star Anthony Johnson’s Wife Struggling to Cover Funeral Costs

Anthony Johnson

AJ’s wife Lexis Jones Mason calls out the “fake love” from those offering help towards the funeral costs but not actually contributing.

Anthony Johnson’s sudden passing has left his family struggling to pay for his funeral expenses even though the family has received an outpouring of offers to contribute.  

Lexis Jones Mason, the wife of comedian Anthony Johnson, also known as AJ Johnson, spoke to TMZ in the wake of her husband’s unexpected passing revealing the offers have turned into empty promises.  

Referring to the GoFundMe started by the family for AJ’s funeral she says “There’s $700 in there, a few of my friends Cash App-ed me and I got like another $400.” Fighting back tears she says “Y’all say y’all love him but where is the love? Y’all not helping.” 

She says she has been receiving calls and messages from people saying they are raising money but nothing has materialized. “No, we’re raising money because I have to pay for this all out of pocket.” 

The heartbreaking interview continues with Lexis saying that she is determined to do right by her beloved late husband. “We’re gonna have a service. I’m gonna do everything I know he would have done for me. It’s just hurtful. I would not be asking if we had it, or we had a policy.”  

“There’s people that’s saying that they’re gonna give money…we haven’t received it. Just to bury him and the funeral services alone will be close to 15 (thousand dollars)” 

Lexis is only asking for help to cover the funeral costs. She says if the family can’t come up with the money to give him the send-off he deserves, they’ll have a service and have him cremated. 

She says the family is grateful for anyone who genuinely wants to contribute to the funeral expenses but does not appreciate all the fake love they’ve been receiving. “Just please stop the fake love please stop the fake calls please stop the fake texts,” she pleads. “Just for our family, Me the kids and the grandkids, just stop it.” 

Breaking down she says “I’m gonna stay busy and I’m going to work in a couple of days. I’m not gonna worry about this, I apologize. If I had the strength I would go right now. It took everything in me to come on here and do this.”  

Anthony Johnson was a beloved figure in Hip-Hop culture, Lexis’s call for support should not fall on deaf ears.  The GoFundMe can be found here.