FTN Bae Needs Psychological Exam For Harassing OTF Doodie Lo According To Doctor

FTN Bae Doodie Lo

Doodie Lo continues to have issues with his ex-girlfriend FTN Bae, who was arrested for aggravated stalking! Now a doctor has weighed in on the matter!

The drama between Lil Durk’s artist OTF Doodie Lo and his ex-girlfriend FTN Bae continues to play out on social media.

In October of 2021, FTN Bae accused Doodie Lo of molesting her five-year-old son.

The rapper denied the heinous allegations and lawyered up immediately.

Doodie Lo and his lawyer Ariel Mitchell, ESQ, accused FTN Bae of coaching her son because she was mad over their breakup.

The lawyer also said FTN Bae of “harassing” Doodie Lo because “things didn’t work out her way.”

FTN Bae eventually apologized to Doodie Lo and admitted the child was not telling the truth.

FTN Bae was eventually hit with a permanent restraining order, barring her from contacting Doodie Lo.

According to Mitchell, FTN Bae’s harassment campaign against Doodie Lo has not stopped and resulted in her arrest over the weekend.

On Friday, she was arrested for violating the restraining order and charged with aggravated stalking.

The rising rapper has already been cleared of any wrongdoing, and he even passed a lie detector test to prove his innocence.

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“It is unfortunate that Ms. Elder has chosen to walk the path she has, which from a distance appears to possibly be rooted in some delusional obsession, possibly an attempt to monetize some perceived wrong, or equally possible, simply an inability to parent,” said Dr. John Palmatier, a former Michigan State police officer with over 38 years of experience investigating sexual misconduct allegations.

“Given the imagery Ms. Elder selectively posts to the Internet, I would opine that a full court-ordered psychological assessment may help explain what can only be described as questionable behavior,” Dr. Palmatier added.

Doodie Lo’s lawyer is aggressively protecting her client’s reputation.

After the latest incident, she fired off a warning to various gossip outlets, threatening them with defamation of character lawsuits.

“The same outlets who continue to post her and give her the attention she so desperately craves need to post the actual truth and no longer continue to give her any level of attention. Or they find themselves on the defendant side of a defamation lawsuit,” Ariel Mitchell snapped.

“@theshaderoom @theneighborhoodtalk and any one else who continues to post her malicious and defamatory lies and conduct… this serves as your only, public, warning. Govern yourselves accordingly,” Ariel Mitchell warned.