Future Addresses His “Toxic” Label & Sharing His Pain On New Album

Future said he is turning “pain into diamonds” on his new project due out later this month after a break of nearly two years.

Future is coming back with a new album later this month.  

After taking the lengthiest hiatus of his career so far, Future feels like he has finally achieved harmony between his life in and outside of the studio.  


During an interview for GQ, he revealed to Elliot Willson his upcoming project, due Apr. 29, explores his vulnerability with a little of the trademark toxicity fans have come to expect from Future.  

“I’m putting myself out there,” Future said, “Sharing my lifestyle with the world. Sharing my pain with the world. Sharing my ups, sharing my downs with the entire universe. I believe in the energy of the universe and manifestation. That’s why I’m giving myself, because I’m willing to correct myself. I don’t want to just…be wrong. I’m willing to give you all of me, so you can tell me how to build on me, and make me a better me.” He added, “I always found a way to create around everything, man. I turn pain into diamonds. I do that with my eyes closed.”  

Elliot Wilson said Future sound “sounds reignited, unstoppable,” on the as-yet-unnamed project. He also suggested the album has a less melodic sound than past offerings and is a more aggressive sound.  

Future Addresses His “Toxic” Label 

Elsewhere during the interview, Future explained he dropped his “Worst Day” single because he was ready to get past all the drama of his previous high-profile relationships. “I’m just like, s###, this is the perfect time to put it out. Get past it. Talk about it. Don’t have to talk about it no more,” he added, though he said he had already moved on.  

While many paint Future as the poster boy for toxic masculinity, Future claims he has actually been on the receiving end of it.  “People have their own definition of what toxic is,” he explained. “[These women] all were toxic to me. They just don’t want to admit it.”