Future Completely Disrespects Lori Harvey, Steve Harvey And Michael B. Jordan In Leaked Verse

Future, Michael B Jordan, Steve Harvey and Lori Harvey/WENN

Future must want real smoke with Michael B. Jordan. Listen to this leaked verse, and you’ll see why.

Rap star Future maybe heading for some beef with Lori Harvey’s new man, Michael B. Jordan.

The Atlanta rapper continues to disrespect his ex-girlfriend for unknown reasons. This time, 42 Dugg leaked the original version of their collaborative track called “Maybach” and it’s quite offensive.


Magic City/I’m the owner tell Steve Harvey I don’t want her/Must have forgotten to tell her daddy/She begged me not to leave/Put baguettes on your ankles damn near up to your knees/She didn’t have a choice but to go f### a lame after me/Realest n#### hit the t###, she damn near OD’ed

Pretty harsh stuff from the Atlanta rapper, who dated Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter for about 8 months until she moved on to Michael B. Jordan.

It seems as though the Future’s insults are having no impact on the happy couple, which could be fueling his anger. Yesterday (May 27), the lovebirds were all smiles on social media after they posted pictures of themselves coordinating their outfits together.

On one of the captions in the pictures, Lori Harvey labeled MBJ “LOML,” short for “love of my life.”

Earlier this month, the current “it couple” were spotted out together attending the premiere of Michael B. Jordan’s latest film, “Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse.”

While Future may think he’s a lame, Michael B Jordan recently earned the title of People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive,” which might make him kind of a big deal.