Future Sends Subtle Diss To Eliza Reign After Shocking DNA Test News

If the hieroglyphs of social media shade can be translated with any kind of accuracy, it seems that Future has another kid ad he is not too happy about it.

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(AllHipHop News) Over a year of debate has passed since we first heard about the issue of paternity between Atlanta rapper, Future, and his jump off Eliza Reign.

With the super-sperm-having rapper vehemently denying that he could be the father of Reign’s daughter, fans have lined up on two different sides of the case — wondering what was taking the judge so long to get her Maury one.

Future has dragged the woman, a former promoter that had booked him for shows, through the mud.

That really is whatever, since she knew who he was when she got with him. We all did, because it was in blog-after-blog and evidenced by baby-mama-after-baby-mama (specifically Ciara who escaped the blasted situation and found her happily ever after with a true prince charming).

But what is probably worse, is that this child (his seed) lived in lack because he was upset with her mom (and how she chose to disclosed their dealings).

But now, amid quarantine exacerbated by COVID-19, a DNA test result came in: YOU ARE THE DADDY.

A subversive post made by Eliza Reign posted to Instagram on Mother’s Day said it all. The caption said simply, “Humble.”

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A post shared by ELIZA REIGN (@elizareign_)

The Freebandz owner took to Twitter to post Happy Mother’s Day wishes to his children’s mothers — all of them except for Reign— in a series of subs that seem suggest how upset he feels about the verdict or the confirmation:

“Happy Mother’s Day India..such a great mother and always putting the kids 1st..u keep me sane and I’m forever grateful for u,Thank u”

“Thanks for holding my PRINCE down Britt,your love for your kids is amazing and I thank u for staying on top of the business..Happy Mother’s Day”

“Happy Mother’s Day Ci..Baby Future is Life,Preciate u”

“My son Kash mother…real one. Cut frm a different cloth! Happy Mother’s Day baby k”

“Joie thank u for being an incredible mom…u holding it down! Real one,stay solid HAPPY MOTHERS DAY”

“Paris your mom deserve it! Happy Mother’s Day mami”


“U want the best for me and I want the best for u…”

“Keep it 1000.”

“Love who u love.”

“Um FRM ah whole different WORLD”

While those flurry of tweets were yesterday, these new ones really speak to his venom towards Reign, who has publicly aired her grievances about Future denying her child.

Future is right “these hoes” should “keep they business off the internet.” No word from the rapper ifs someone needs to also teach these male “hoes” to keep their penises in their pants.

The child, Reign Wilburn, is not one and will one day grow up to read that her father said that she was a “check baby” and refused for months to acknowledge her as his own.