Future’s Baby Mother Wants Him To Do A Deposition Regarding His Finances


One of Future’s children’s mothers wants to see him comply with court procedures so that she can get MORE child support!

This is not a repeat story though it may sound like it.

One of Future’s children’s mothers wants to see him comply with court procedures so that she can’t get child support.

According to RadarOnline.com, Brittni Mealy, his former love interest, wants the Atlanta rapper to sit for a deposition in an effort for a judge to determine if he has enough money to up her child support payments.

As reported by AllHipHop.com, the mother of his 9-year-old son, Prince, is asking to raise the child support by $3,000.

The deposition will inquire into his finances and examine how much he is actually making and if he is being untruthful about his ability to provide additional financial resources to the care of the grade schooler.

According to legal documents, the original amount was set in 2014, when the child was a toddler. On her behalf, her lawyers argue there has been a “substantial change” in Future’s income, based on his massive success as a musician that has made way for him to have other ventures. 

She wants a list of all his credit charges, money transfers, any home or apartment he owns or rents and his crypto holdings.

Changes have also been made regarding the child’s needs.

Another thing Mealy alleges in the paperwork is that Future is a no-show on many of his scheduled custody shares with their son.

In addition to the increase in support, she is also asking to maintain a $350,000 life insurance policy and pay for the daycare on the days he does not honor the custody schedule, and she has to hire someone to keep the boy.

Future refutes that support needs to be increased, adding he has “consistently and timely paid his child support obligations.” He also answered that he does not always make his appointments with his son … he is a rock star, and she and the court knew that from the jump.