G-Eazy Is Terrified Donald Trump Will Go Nuclear As Soon As He’s In Office


(AllHipHop News) Rapper G-Eazy wasn’t shy about his feelings towards Donald Trump on the remix to YG and Nipsey Hussle’s “F##k Donald Trump.”

On the remix G-Eazy likened the Republican’s Presidential nominee to the KKK and Adolf Hitler, who Donald Trump is frequently compared to.

G-Eazy fears those similarities will push the world towards all out nuclear war if Trump were to be elected President of The United States.

“It’s f—ing terrifying. He’s a racist. He’ll push the button the second he gets into office” G-Eazy told the USA Today. “It’s crazy to think already what we spend on war, so to imagine that going through the roof, it puts our country in a really scary place.”

The crowds at G-Eazy’s shows seem to appreciate the message of “F##k Donald Trump” as well.

The track received a warm reception during G-Eazy’s performance YG at the Barclay’s Center at the end of July as part of the pair’s “Endless Summer Tour” with Yo Gotti and Logic.

YG claimed officials at the Barclay’s blocked him from selling anti-Donald Trump merchandise during his performance there, because the billionaire owns a piece of the building.

Still, the pair performed the controversial single with raucous support from the audience.

“When you’re upsetting people at that level and the message is being heard, they feel scared and they feel like your influence is being felt. That means you’re getting to them,” G-Eazy concluded.