Game Accused Hiding Earnings From Cameo App, Marijuana Business As Priscilla Rainey Pursues $7 Million Judgment


Priscilla Rainey claims Game is diverting money to new shell companies as she attempts to seize money he has made on the Cameo app.

The woman who won a $7.1 million judgment against rap star Game claims he continues to create shell companies to avoid paying her.

Priscilla Rainey is attempting to seize earnings Game has made through the popular Cameo app.

According to Rainey and her lawyer, Game uses F12 & Associates to collect payments from Cameo, his company Trees By Game, and his performances.

Rainey insists Game, born Jayceon Taylor, made almost $20,000 between October 29, 2020, through January 28, 2021, which Cameo transferred to F12 & Associates. 

Rainey is attempting to seize the company’s bank account to help satisfy the enormous judgment the rap star owes. 

“In addition to [Game’s] repeated evasive tactics before, during, and after trial, Taylor has repeatedly flouted his obligation to pay Rainey,” her lawyer, Francis Curiel, told the court. 

The issues between Priscilla Rainey and Game started when she was a contestant on his short-lived reality show, “She Got Game.”

Rainey claimed Game sexually assaulted her during a taping of an episode, when he put his hand up her skirt, rubbed her bare v#####, and “juggled her breasts.”

Game vehemently denied the accusations, and criminal charges were never filed against the rap star. Nevertheless, Priscilla Rainey sued the rap star in 2015 for $1.3 million over the ordeal.

Instead of defending himself, Game skipped out on all court dates, infuriating the judge presiding over the case.

In November of 2016, Priscilla Rainey was awarded $1.13 million in compensatory damages and awarded an extra $6 million in punitive damages.

Game was sanctioned for millions for disrespecting the court and insulting Rainey by calling her a “thirsty Gatorade mascot of a transvestite” who was involved in “Tranny Panty” activity.

The rapper contested the judgment. However, the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit shot down his appeal in October of 2019, clearing the way for Rainey to enforce the massive judgment.

So far, Game is sticking to his promise never to pay Priscilla Rainey after being hit with the massive default judgment.

“People out here dying from the rona . . . n blogs out here creating false narratives for this Waffle House roach who doing anything her thirsty ass can try n take money from me,” Game said in a since-deleted post. 

“He’s broke, she got all his money, what he gone do now, better go record another album, etc.”…… Y’all been saying she got 7 million for 7 years & yet here I am, laid up tipsy off my 5th quarantini watching Tiger King lol …. they’ll find Carol Baskin’s husband before she ever get a penny from under my car seat….coming up next, a stop by the bank to dump this s### in….,” the rapper said.

His refusal to pay Priscilla Rainey is costing him dearly.

In April of 2020, Priscilla Rainey was granted the right to all earnings from his independent record label, L.A. Prolific Records.

In June of 2020, a judge granted Priscilla Rainey all of the money earned from his album Born 2 Rap, in addition to royalties Game had accrued on 360 of the registered works created under his name as a songwriter and/or composer through Performing Rights Organization BMI.

Rainey also accused Game of transferring valuable assets like the deed to his mansion and the trademarks for his name to his manager Wack 100.

More recently, Priscilla Rainey seized all of the money in Game’s Cash App account to satisfy the judgment, which has swelled to $7,375,551.25 as of October of 2021.

According to Rainey, Game has only paid $293,902.29 as of press time.