Game Issues Stern Warning To 50 Cent Not To Start Beefing Again

50 Cent and Game

Are Game and 50 Cent heading towards more beef? The two rap stars have been going back and forth on social media. Read more!

The feud between rappers 50 Cent and Game could be on the verge of heating back up. The two rap stars went through a violent rivalry in 2005 after Game was kicked out of G-Unit.

In the resulting chaos, people were shot, and even killed, after Tony Yayo and his associates slapped the son of Game’s former manager, James Rosemond.

Earlier this week, 50 Cent reacted to Game’s “Drink Champs” interview. He asserted Kanye West had done more for his career in two weeks than Dr. Dre ever did after the pair recorded their collaboration record “Eazy.”

Although 50’s comment was brief, he wrote: “Hun, what happen here?” along with an older picture of Game and 50 Cent.

The Compton, California rapper got wind of the comment and issued a solid warning to 50 Cent.

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“Last time you did this with me, G-Unit clothing got put in a casket wit the entire group & you went into television,” Game snarled. “I like Power n s###…. leave it alone. I’m back outside.”

The back and forth between the two men come on the heels of a recent Clubhouse interview Game did with Wack 100.

During that interview, Game said he was with 50 Cent’s ghostwriter and penned the lyrics to 50 Cent’s#### song “What Up Gangsta” from his groundbreaking debut, Get Rich or Die Tryin.

“I’m going to speak on something Game don’t ever speak on,” Wack 100 said and then recited the hook to the song. “Who you think wrote that? I’m going to leave it alone.”