The Game And Meek In “No Win” Situation, Says Mysonne


(AllHipHop News) Modern Hip-Hop is that place where reality entertainment, reality and commerce intersect with the result often being tragic. The latest beef has insiders feeling friction between Meek Mill and The Game could spiral into violence. Mysonne “The General” is one of the most respected street representatives in New York City and he’s concerned that the factions are in a “no win situation.” In an exclusive statement to AllHipHop, the Bronx rapper/activist explained his insightful position.

“We as men will always have our differences. When the ego stings and testosterone flares, we might not be able to let it go. I love the competition, the battle, the bars, but when it turns into beef, we all know how these kinds of things play out. The Game and Meek Mill are two men with strong street influence getting into a no-win situation.

At one time, you could ask for a “fair one” and after the fight, it would end there. But we live in an era where any coward can resort to shooting because they’re scared. While I’m not suggesting that either of these Kings are cowards–and I know them both so I’m going to say they aren’t–but there are people who will use this situation to try and get stripes and that will only create a serious war. We are already at war with the enemy, so we can not afford to be at war with each other. 

The ultimate goal of a true warrior is never to have to engage in war. We are in critical times. If you’re a REAL ONE and you know these brothers, encourage them to leave this alone. Hip hop can’t lose like this again, because ultimately our culture will be the real loser.

In the late 1990’s Mysonne was a rapidly rising rap star, but was convicted on two counts of armed robbery in 1999. He maintains his innocence in that case, but had to serve several years in prison. He emerged re-dedicated in 2006 and has continually evolved.

Mysonne recently performed a spoken word piece at the 2016 Congressional Black Caucus Hip-Hop and Politics Panel, which featured Chuck Creekmur, Tamika Mallory & Carmen Perez of the Justice League NYC, Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Jr. and Congressman Andre Carson.