EXCLUSIVE: The Game’s Crypto Assets In Priscilla Rainey’s Crosshairs Over $7 Million Judgment


The woman attempting to collect a $7 million judgment against rap star Game is trying to seize the rap star’s crypto! Read more!

Priscilla Rainey, a former contestant on The Game’s reality show “She Got Game,” continues to seek payment of a $7.1 million judgment against the rap star. 

Legal issues arose in 2015 when Rainey accused The Game of groping her while they were shooting the show. Though no criminal charges were filed, Rainey launched a lawsuit against the rapper. 

Initially, The Game was found liable for $1.3 million in damages but due to his “disrespect” toward the court, a judge increased the punitive damages six-fold, leading to the total judgment amount of roughly $7.1 million. The Game’s attempt to appeal the judgment was unsuccessful, leaving Rainey free to enforce it.

In Rainey’s latest move, she’s turned her attention to The Game’s cryptocurrency assets. As of June 20, the judgment—including interest—remains largely unsatisfied, with Rainey having collected approximately $402,365.20 from Game’s assets, approximately 5.65% of the judgment’s principal. 

Through her post-judgment discovery efforts, Rainey has obtained information that cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase holds funds for Game. Game has been engaged in crypto recently, showing particular interest in non-fungible tokens (NFTs), a relatively new form of crypto asset. 

In October 2021, he launched his debut NFT collection titled “Genesis” with OneOf, a green marketplace designed for the music industry. The collection, priced at $25, included two unreleased tracks for his fans. Following the “Genesis” collection, Game launched a second series titled “Elevate the Game,” which offered fans access to two gold NFT cards and a chance to receive a platinum NFT card for $99. Shortly after, he debuted “Master The Game,” a pack valued at $299​.

Because of these powerful business moves, Rainey believes Game is hiding assets, which has made it nearly impossible to satisfy the judgment. Rainey has continued to pursue aggressive legal actions to collect on the judgment. 

In April 2017, a judge granted her control of a record label Game had set up called L.A. Prolific, and she also won all of the proceeds from his Born 2 Rap album. 

Rainey later sought a restraining order against Wack 100 prevent Game from transferring any more of his property and other valuable assets into his manager’s control.