Game Launching Summer Basketball League With Dom Kennedy


Rap stars Game and Dom Kennedy are doing something positive for Los Angeles natives with the launching of a basketball league!

The City of Angels is set to witness the inception of an exciting new summer basketball league, thanks to the collaborative efforts of renowned Hip-Hop artists The Game and Dom Kennedy.

This initiative is named the “Real Run College Basketball Summer League” and will serve as a platform for college basketball players to demonstrate their talents, according to TMZ. The league is scheduled to commence on June 17 and will continue until August 13, hosting both women’s and men’s basketball teams.

This initiative is not only about showcasing basketball skills; it also aims to bridge the gap between sports and music culture. This is reflected in the involvement of rappers like Game, Dom Kennedy, and G PERICO who will be managing the teams.

The Game, born as Jayceon Terrell Taylor, is a Compton native who attended Compton High School and later community colleges Antelope Valley College, Harbor Community College, and Cerritos College. His experience in the field of basketball dates back to his time in college.

On the other hand, Dom Kennedy, born as Dominic Ross Hunn, has been engaged with basketball from an early age, playing the sport every day from the age of five until he turned 16.

Ex-NBA player Pooh Jeter, who is collaborating with Real Run founder Deanthony Langston, expressed hope that this initiative will transform countless lives. Jeter further elaborated that this league could change the game, providing an amazing opportunity for the community.

The league has already attracted college basketball stars such as Boogie Ellis and JuJu Watkins, with the hope of inspiring other musicians to join the cause.

“I would love for Diddy and Snoop or whoever!” said Jeter, “If you from L.A., show up, and let’s do something amazing for our community.”

The players participating in this league will also have the opportunity to partake in a nine-week virtual learning program aimed at helping them expand their knowledge in various fields such as mental health, finance, media, fashion, music, real estate, and marketing, among others.

This initiative is seen as a holistic approach toward the development of these athletes, helping them grow both on and off the court. It’s clear that the Real Run College Basketball Summer League is more than just a sports league.

It’s a beacon of hope for the community, a testament to the power of collaboration and the undeniable bond between sports and music culture.

The Game and Dom Kennedy, with their basketball backgrounds and love for their city, are not just creating a league; they are creating a movement.