Gang Members Admit To Murder of Magnolia Shorty


(AllHipHop News) An intense investigation of notorious New Orleans street gang 3MG has led to two members of the gang confessing to the murder of rapper Magnolia Shorty among others.

Tyrone “Biscuit” Knockum, 25, and Rico “Freaky” Jackson, 33, are both 3NG members.

They admitted to being among five men who were present when four of them opened fire on Renatta “Magnolia Shorty” Lowe and Jerome “ManMan” Hampton more than 50 times, in a New Orleans  parking lot on December 20, 2010, killing them both.

The news shook the local Hip-Hop community at the time and stars and former label mates like Lil Wayne B.G. attended her funeral in December of the same year.

According to District Attorney Alex Calenda, Hampton was a member of the “Front of Town Killers” and was in search of revenge for the murder of his friend murdered rap legend “Soulja Slim.”

The New Orleans Advocate reports Calenda also went on to state that 3NG members murdered Hampton as a preventative measure.

The news came as part of the D.A.’s intense pursuit of 3NG gang leader Kentrell “Black” Hickerson, on a state racketeering case.

“This is a picture of criminality, a portrait of the realities of the street. You’re going to hear about the beefs, the turf wars over heroin and cocaine, that spilled so much blood in this city. You will learn that Mr. Hickerson has no loyalties, and in pursuit of that crown, he did what he perceived and what he had to do to attain it.”

Hickerson’s defense attorney Lucas Morehouse chimed the case was “a railroad job, no doubt about it,” when speaking on the validity of the prosecutions claims against his client.

Kentrell Hickerson has pleaded not guilty to a number of charges including munder and attempted murder.