Pro Golfer Gene Siller, Two Others Killed By Aspiring Rapper

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An aspiring rapper has been charged with the high profile murder of professional golf player Gene Siller earlier this week in Georgia!

What in the world???

An arrest warrant revealed that rapper named Bryan Anthony Rhoden, who goes by the moniker B Rod, is accused of shooting and killing a 46-year-old pro-golfer Gene Siller at country club in Georgia.

In addition to that murder, authorities believe he was also responsible for the death of two other men, Henry Valdez, 46, of California and Paul Pierson, 76, of Kansas, were found tied-up with gagged in his truck.

After five-days of looking for the responsible individuals, police arrested and charged the 23 year-old with all of the aforementioned murders, three counts of aggravated assault, and two counts of kidnapping.

Reports state that Siller was shot somewhere near the 10th hole of the golf course. The other two deaths had nothing to do with the golf course or Siller but were a part of an even more ghastly crime.

Those victims were found gagged with duct tape, lifelessly bound in the rear of B Rod’s white Ram 3500 pickup truck.

The truck was left on the course as he tried to flee the scene of the crime. Pierson turned out to be the owner of the truck. In a bizarre twist to this story, the upcoming rapper had been arrested hours before Valdez and Pierson’s bodies were found.

That arrest was for driving under the influence, handing the authorities a false ID and a few other vehicles and traffic charges.

The “Made It Out” rapper was originally sent to the DeKalb County jail on Sunday morning at 2 AM but has since released on bond.

While the motive for has been established for Valdez and Pierson’s death, it is believed that Siller was killed after he witnessed yet another crime perpetrated by B Rod.

“As this remains an active case and investigation, we will be limited on the amount of information or details we can release,” Cobb County Police Chief Tim Cox said.

“But with the suspect in custody, our investigation will continue to work the case to its completion and move it forward to the Cobb County District Attorney’s Office for prosecution.”

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