George Floyd Celebrated During Homegoing Service

Today, a private funeral service for George Floyd took place in his hometown of Houston.

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(AllHipHop News) These past two weeks may have felt like an eternity for many, but today, George Floyd was put to rest in his hometown of Houston.

In a private funeral service funded by boxer Floyd Mayweather, a crowd of 500 gathered at The Fountain of Praise Church to honor and remember the life of Mr. Floyd, whose life was taken too soon.

“This is a celebration of Floyd’s life,” said Ma K. Wright, the co-pastor of the Church.

“We celebrate a life that had its up and downs as many lives do but also a life that was connected to God and one that all people around the world have now connected to because of the tragedy and the trauma by which he passed.”

Various speakers, that included civil rights leaders, took to the podium including those who voiced the need for justice and a “call for social reform.”

“It’s so important that we move forward from here from a place of healing and wholeness because if we expect change to happen in our community, we can’t come from anger and hurt and loss. We have to learn how to move as a whole unit.”

As heavy as many of our hearts have been, this tragedy offers a glimpse of hope for the future. George Floyd’s murder, at the hand of police, leading to protests across the globe, as people of all backgrounds joined in demanding justice and change.

“If he was told he would have to sacrifice his life to bring the world together and knowing him, I know he would’ve did it,” shared his brother, Rodney Floyd.

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