George Floyd’s Died Due To ‘Asphyxiation’

George Floyd’s family decided to conduct an independent investigation, and their findings revealed he died from asphyxiation.

(AllHipHop News) George Floyd’s family and their legal team have released the findings from their independent medical examination to complete an autopsy of their brother’s body.

The city of Minneapolis did their own but that one released days ago suggested that George Floyd’s death was not directly related to former officer Derek Chauvin’s knee smashing down on the former DJ Screw associate’s neck.

The city determined that his death was due to a combination of extenuating health conditions and possibly drugs and alcohol activity.

The Floyd legal team, headed up by civil rights attorney Ben Crump, hired Dr. Michael Baden to conduct the review. Baden is most notable for working on the O J Simpson case.

What did he find? Duh … that the doctor from Minneapolis is full of sh*t.

He concluded that Floyd’s death was indeed a result of “asphyxiation from sustained pressure,” thus supporting the belief that he was killed by Chauvin’s actions.

The autopsy says compression to Floyd’s neck and back led to a lack of blood flow to his brain.

Reports state that Chauvin had his knee on Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds.

Floyd was unresponsive 4 minutes in, yet the cop kept his knee there for nearly 5 minutes longer.

Ben Crump made the profound statement, “The ambulance was his hearse.”

The attorney who is also working on the Ahmaud Arbery case told reporters Monday, “George died because he needed a breath. He needed a breath of air.”

“There is no other health issue that could cause or contribute to the death,” said Dr. Michael Baden, one of the independent medical examiners. “Police have this false impression that if you can talk, you can breathe. That’s not true.”

George Floyd, also known by his rap name Big Floyd, was killed on Memorial Day during an arrest gone wrong.

A video of four MPD officers detaining him, but one pushing his knee into his neck resulting in going unconscious. It is believed that he died in the streets during this excessively violent choke maneuver.

Audio has emerged where an officer said he could not feel a pulse, but the officer still did not loosen up.

There is a dispute as to if the death was intentional or an accident.