George Zimmerman Is Arrested Again For Aggravated Assault Charges


It looks like after dodging a long sentence in jail by being acquitted of second-degree murder charges for killing 17-year old Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman can’t seem to live life without getting into trouble. Last night, Florida authorities have said that Zimmerman has been arrested for aggravated assault charges.

According to Associated Press, the 31 year old was arrested last night at 10 pm in Lake Mary, and is currently held at John E. Polk Correctional facility. Zimmerman was awaiting a court appearance that was scheduled at 9 am today.

George Zimmerman has had a very checkered past after his Trayvon Martin trial. The former Sanford resident has been arrested consistently for violent situations with his former wife and girlfriend.

This dude is starting to go to jail more than gangster rappers.