George Zimmerman Punched In The Face For Bragging About Killing Trayvon Martin


(AllHipHop News) George Zimmerman is not dead, but he is trending on social media for another reason.

Zimmerman was supposedly bragging about killing teenager Trayvon Martin an a man punched him in the face for it. The former security guard promptly called 911 to report the alleged assault.

Zimmerman refuted that he was bragging about killing Trayvon, but said that he obliged when asked if he was indeed the one that killed the young man. “I love your tattoos, my name is George Zimmerman, you know that guy who killed Trayvon Martin?,” he reportedly said.

That is when another man – apparently large in stature – approached him. “You’re bragging about that?,” the man said before punching Zimmerman in the face. He also knocked the cell phone out of Zimmerman’s friends hand.

Zimmerman called 911.

“He said he’s going to kill me. You need to send like three or four cops,” Zimmerman said on the 911 call. The man then rode off on a Harley Davidson motorcycle.
The man who punched Zimmerman is wanted for battery.