Gillie Lays Son YNG Cheese To Rest; Wallo Offers Up Positive Message

Wallo & Gillie

Gillie Da King’s son YNG Cheese, whose real name was Devin Spady, was killed in a triple shooting in Philadelphia.

Family and friends mourned the death of Gillie Da King’s son YNG Cheese at a funeral in Philly on Monday (July 24). The service was held at the Met Philadelphia.

YNG Cheese, whose real name was Devin Spady, was shot and killed in Philadelphia on Thursday (July 20). He was 25.

Two other men were wounded in the shooting that claimed the life of Gillie’s son. Both victims survived.

Wallo, who co-hosts the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast with Gillie, thanked fans for their support in an Instagram video uploaded on Monday. Wallo managed to stay positive in the face of a tragedy. He vowed to continue helping, encouraging and nurturing people with Gillie.

“I appreciate y’all, but I need y’all to know something very important,” Wallo told his followers. “Me and cuz’s dedication to our family, our community and the world – making people think, laugh and cry – the dedication to that has become stronger.”

He added, “It’s a tragic situation, but I’ma tell you this: tomorrow is gonna be better than yesterday. And we’ll never stop believing that. Never! We’re never gonna abandon the mission that God sent us to do and be responsible for.”

Listen to Wallo below.

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