GloRilla Claims She Can Prophesize Thanks To Biblical Middle Name


GloRilla revealed her middle name and joked with fans that it helps her tell the future! Read more!

GloRilla has revealed her Biblical middle name.

The rapper took to Twitter to share her full name with fans – Gloria “Hallelujah” Woods.

“Why y’all acting like Ian been told y’all my middle name hallelujah?” she posted. “Dats why I’m so blessed & my p#### so good duhhhhhh!!!! Common damn sense.”

Gloria later responded to a fan reacting to the name, which means “praise the Lord.”

The fan wrote, “Gloria… HALLELUJAH?! I knew she was a prophet lol.”

Gloria replied, “Exactly!! I be prophesying to the people.”

The rising star debuted the official remix of “Tomorrow 2” last month.