GloRilla Is Surprised To Learn That Foxes Are Real  


GloRilla is going viral again after a hilarious video from her trip to London surfaced, where she discovered foxes aren’t mythical creatures!

GloRilla is reaping the rewards of her newfound success after a breakthrough year that saw her release the viral hit “F.N.F.” before joining Yo Gotti’s CMG collective

The Memphis native has dropped several singles since and received a boost and a weighty co-sign with her latest song with Cardi B.  

All of this notoriety means GlorRilla is in worldwide demand, with fans overseas wanting a glimpse of the star. She’s currently traveling in Europe, making appearances in Germany on Thursday (Oct. 20). However, a visit to a London radio station saw the rapper go viral again. 

During her interview at Kiss Fresh radio station, the host explained to GloRilla that London has a fox problem. The nocturnal creatures have taken over England’s capital city and are said to number 10,000. They prowl the streets at night, scavenging trash cans, and have even been known to enter people’s homes.  

“Y’all got them out here? Foxes?” GloRilla asked, shocked when the presenter told her of the urban menace.  

The 23-year-old rapper sat in stunned silence, looking bewildered. “That’s normal?” she questioned before the host replied, “they own the streets here.” 

Confused, GloRilla asked,” So they like dogs?” and wondered why Londoners aren’t scared of them. “I can’t believe it. I never even knew foxes was real,” she admitted.  

“WHAT?! @glorillapimp has NEVER seen a fox! 🦊“ Kiss Fresh captioned the video. Check out the hilarious clip below.  

GloRilla Learns The Truth About Foxes

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While GloRilla spent much of the week embroiled in a back and forth in a contract dispute over her hit song “F.N.F.,” she was in a very generous mood last weekend. She pulled up on her “Tomorrow 2” collaborator with an extravagant birthday surprise, a luxurious Patek Philippe timepiece. 

GloRilla took to Instagram with a video capturing Cardi’s shock at the present.  

“Happy Birthday again cousin @iamcardib !!” she penned in the caption. “You are so genuine, I still remember when u Dm me shortly after I dropped FNF I was screaming 😭 Thanks for supporting me early, liking my music, Reaching out to me giving me advice, Thank you So Much!! Happy MFn Birthday Cousin!!!!!!”