GloRilla Says She Wants Her Blue Check Back


Fans hop on Twitter and drag her for not knowing the purge was coming.

It seems like new rap sensation GloRilla is upset that she no longer has a blue check next to her name on Twitter.

She took to the social media platform to blast its new owner, Elon Musk, who made the sweeping change.

The “Tomorrow” recording artist tweeted, “Elon be acting slow ash sometimes…. Cause where my blue check go ??????”

Fans immediately clapped back at her, wondering why she is shocked by the removal of the flout indicator.

“No, you the slow one! Everyone been knew it was happening and it did. 🤣🤣🤣. Pay that 8 bucks a month,” one Twitter user said.

The person is sort of correct.

Musk made the announcement the “final date for removing legacy Blue checks is 4/20.”

Another one joked, saying, “He said get it back in blood.”

T-melz said, “Girl y’all celebs been lost them blue checks now you acting slow cause how you ain’t know.”

On Thursday, Musk began a massive purge of blue check marks off the $40.39 billion social media platform.

GloRilla is not the only one that has had her blue check removed. Other checkless celebrities are Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Bill Gates, Pope Francis, and former president Donald Trump, according to CNN.

In fact, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey even lost his.