Grandmaster Jay Sentenced To 7 Years In Prison, Files Appeal

Grandmaster Jay

Grandmaster Jay has been sentenced to over 7 years in prison, but his staunch supporters say the fight continues.

Grandmaster Jay, the controversial leader of the NFAC, was sentenced to seven years in prison.

John Johnson, known as Grandmaster Jay, was convicted of wanton endangerment for pointing an assault rifle at law officials on a roof.

His legal team has already filed an appeal, sources told AllHipHop.

A Louisville, Kentucky judge sentence, the controversial leader to seven years and two months in prison. They allege that he pointed his rifle at Louisville metro police officers during a rally by the NFAC. Johnson denies the allegations stating he thought there was a threat by teenagers on the roof.

The incident happened the night prior to the 2020 Kentucky Derby, as the NFAC descended on Louisville in protest in honor of Breonna Taylor. Taylor was murdered by police as she slept in her apartment during a no-knock raid by cops.

Sources with  AllHipHop have said that Grandmaster Jay’s supporters intend to fight vigorously for his release.

Johnson was the leader of the nation’s largest all-Black militia, the NFAC, which was started in the aftermath of Ahmad Arbery’s murder. The NFAC formed almost exclusively in response to victims of violent racists or police brutality.