Grant Hill To Join Rapper Eric B As Producer On New Sitcom, ‘Daddy’s House’

Rapper lead sitcom gets more big names to join its production team.

It seems like LeBron James is not the only basketball player getting into the producer/ show runner seat?

According to a press release, NBA Hall of Famer Grant Hill, Tyler Perry producer Roger Bobb, and NBA Senior VP of Entertainment, Charles Rosenzweig have joined on as producers of Eric B’s new sitcom, “Daddy’s House.”

As has reported, “Daddy’s House” will star Big Daddy Kane “as a divorced former NYC radio personality who now owns a trendy restaurant in Atlanta, GA.”

While adapting to single life and “enjoying bachelorhood,” his newfound freedom is interrupted by a visit (that turns permanent) from his two teenage children.

Directed by veteran TV actor and showrunner Terri J. Vaughn (who will double in the series as Kane’s wife), the show hopes to show that once the kids move in, while it might be Daddy’s House… the mini-adults run the show.

The series was created and written by author and screenwriter Jeff Farley.

“I’ve always been fascinated by film and television production, and I love this show’s storyline and characters,” Hill stated.  “It’s also great to have an opportunity to work with such talented and creative people.”

This is not the first project the NBA All-Star has produced.

According to Deadline, Hill produced and acted in “Starting at the Finish Line: The Coach Buehler Story.” He is also the producer behind two documentaries “The Miracle of North Jackson” and “The Jayson Williams Story.”