Gunna Details Bleak Circumstances Of His Confinement In YSL RICO Case

Gunna Denied Bond

Gunna dropped a message to his fans, detailing his circumstances as he awaits trial and battles for his freedom After he was arrested on RICO charges.

Incarcerated rapper Gunna revealed the bleak circumstances in which he is being held after being charged with 27 other people, including Young Thug, on RICO charges.

The feds filed a 56-count indictment against the Young Slime Life gang, which they claim is a subset of the Bloods, involved in murders, shootings, assaults, and drug deals.

Like Young Thug, Gunna surrendered to authorities in May after being charged with being in a “command position ” in YSL.

Both rappers have been denied bond until their trial begins, which is slated to kick off sometime in early 2023.

The 29-year-old rap star took to Instagram, where he posted a lengthy message to his fans and discussed the circumstances of his confinement in the Cobb County Jail.

“just a bed & a shower, no windows just walls. Can’t see or talk to anyone. I’m writing now & still praying everyday. I was raised to fight fire with water, even tho my country’s amendments have failed me! PROTECT BLACK ART,” Gunna captioned a post, along with a lengthy message to his fans.

“2022 has been one of the best years of my life, despite this difficult situation,” Gunna began. “This year I had the whole world pushing P. Growing up from where I come from in a marginalized neighborhood, I never dreamed my art would change my life in the lives of my loved ones. My entire life, I’ve seen Black Men, Black Women and Black Children constantly attacked, hated, murdered, berated, belittled, silenced, judged, used and held captive,” Gunna explained.

Gunna discussed how hard he worked to empower others and ultimately achieved his dream of success, including two Billboard 200 chart-topping albums, Wunna and DS4Ever.

The rapper also declared his innocence and vowed to fight the serious charges District attorney Fannin Willis has filed against Gunna and his YSL associates.

“For now, I don’t have my freedom. But I am innocent. I am being falsely accused and will never stop fighting to clear my name!

“The picture that is being painted of me is ugly and untrue. My fans know I love to celebrate life, I love my family, I love travel, I love music, I love my fans. I have all faith that God will grant me justice for the purity in my heart and the innocence of my actions,” Gunna said. 

Take a look at his full statement below: