Gunna Files Fourth Bond Motion A Week After Third Denial 


Gunna’s legal team is pleading with the judge in the case to release him after the rapper was denied bond for the third time last week.

Gunna is making a fourth attempt at getting out from behind bars, filing for bond for a fourth time just a week after being denied on his third try. 

The “Pushin P” rapper’s legal team filed legal docs dated (Oct. 17) seeking his release on bond, according to a Complex report. “On three prior occasions, Defendant Kitchens has moved the Court for a reasonable bond,” Gunna’s co-lead counsel Steven Sadow stated. On each occasion, the State has made proffers at hearings that turned out to be false and/or misleading.” 

Gunna, whose real name is Sergio Kitchens, has remained in jail since his arrest in May. He and more than two dozen YSL members, including Young Thug, were indicted in a sweeping racketeering case. Gunna maintains his innocence after being charged with one count of conspiracy to violate the RICO Act. 

Gunna’s Team State Their Case For Bond

Lawyers for Gunna have taken issue with Judge Ural Glanville citing “all four bond factors” in denying his third request on Oct. 13, while only two factors were cited in refusing his second bond motion. The defence stated they find this “inexplicable.” 

We now know for certain,” Sadow writes, “that the State’s last-minute assertion at the third bond hearing on October 13 that there was a text message (not disclosed to Kitchens in discovery as the Court had expressly ordered) between two individuals (neither of whom was Kitchens), where one person ‘offered to murder’ another person on Kitchens’ behalf, was undeniably false.” 

The new filing says the State “has failed to proffer a single violent act or a single threat to a witness by Kitchens or on Kitchens’ behalf.” Sadow also points to “the State’s obvious willingness to say or do anything to deny Mr. Kitchens pretrial bail.” 

The motion concluded,” The Court deserves nothing less than to be told the truth by the prosecutors. Kitchens respectfully demands the truth to be told, for his continued pretrial detention based on lies and misrepresentations constitutes a miscarriage of justice.” 

Diddy Reaches Out To Gunna

Meanwhile, his celebrity friends have been offering support and encouragement during his time behind bars. Earlier this month, during a facetime call, Diddy told Gunna to “be laser focused,” in preparation for making a comeback

Then, Kim Kardashian made another plea for Gunna’s release after meeting the rapper earlier this year. She stated she has worked with his legal team since his incarceration and there is “zero evidence that he committed a crime.”