Gunna Makes “Pushin P” Permanent With New Tattoo

Gunna launched the phrase ”Pushin P” which had everyone and they daddy talking about P, now he’s gone a step further with his latest ink.

Gunna created a “Pushin P” internet craze seemingly out of nowhere, eventually turning the phrase into a song. Now, the “Drip Too hard” hitmaker has taken it a step further. He made 🅿️ a permanent feature by tattooing the blue “P” symbol on his arm. 

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He took to Instagram to show off his new ink, posting a video of him in the chair as the tattooist gets to work. Gunna also shared a series of images, including a few highlighting his coordinating fit and layers of ice draped around his neck and wrists.

Gunna has spoken about the meaning of “Pushin P” several times. It essentially means “keeping it playa,” or “keeping it real.” He highlighted a few examples of P during a recent Instagram Live session. 

“F###### your partner’s main b#### ain’t P,” Gunna explained to his followers. “If you hold the door for a lady, that’s P. Arguing with your partner about money ain’t P. We ain’t doing that. We’re pushing P.” 

Listen To Gunna Explain Pushin P

Meanwhile, Gunna took to Twitter on Monday evening (Feb. 7) to distance himself from an alleged Crypto scam. He previously promoted the cryptocurrency, which was then labeled a scam.  

“Ay @pushinpeth making a crypto metaverse for us!” he wrote in a since-deleted tweet. “@shanemooncharts backing the project, I know this is gonna fly. IM TAKING THIS TO THE MOON JOIN THE TELEGRAM HERE.” 

However, he claimed later he was “hacked” and apologized to anyone affected by the alleged scam.  

“To my followers and fans ! I didn’t know anything about this ”pushin peth” Scam . Someone hacked my twitter and I immediately deleted the tweet ! I would never co sign any fraud or scams privately or publicly ! And I’m extremely sorry to anyone how was scammed !” 

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Nonetheless, fans were calling on the Georgia native to release a track he has with rising underground rap star Yeat. The Cali-bred rapper shared a snippet of Gunna on a track during a recent Instagram Live session.