Gunplay Says Everybody Sounds Like Migos, Talks Respecting 50 Cent And More (VIDEO)


Whether on wax or not, Gunplay is always raw and uncut. AllHipHop CEO Chuck Creekmur recently caught up MMG’s wild boy at the Atlanta Music Festival and Conference to discuss the state of hip-hop, the status of his beef with 50 Cent and his view about his MMG brethren Meek Mill’s beef with Drake.

When discussing the current climate of rap, Don Logan said that frankly he “hates it.”

“I don’t like the state of hip-hop because there is no creativity,” he said. “Everybody sounds the same. Everybody sounds like Migos…One sound dictates the whole sound of the game for a year or two.”

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The Miami spitter also spoke on his bad blood with 50 Cent, saying that the beef has died down.

“I took off on 50 Cent because of years of built up tension because of my partner,” he said referring to Fif’s nasty feud with Rick Ross. “I don’t know 50 Cent. I actually respect him. He’s jut like me… Ain’t no problems. Everything is squashed. I got it out of my system.”

The “Wuzhanindoe” rapper also weighed in on the Meek Mill vs. Drake situation, agreeing with Rick Ross saying that neither party took a L.

“Just like the big homie said, ain’t nobody get bodied. We kept it on record and that’s it.”

Watch the full interview below to hear how he feels about the reception of his latest album, Living Legend, why Gunplay may name his new album Atheist and more.