Director Of Snoop Dogg’s “Lavender” Video Hacked By Trump Supporters


(AllHipHop News) YouTuber Jesse Wellens directed Snoop Dogg’s video for “Lavender” remix which caused quite a stir.

In the music video, there is the theme of deportation and a person looking very similar to Donald Trump in a clown outfit. Snoop Dogg shoots the clown with a fake gun that shot out a sign that said “BANG!” cartoon style instead of a bullet.

This outraged Trump which upset Bow Wow and TI that set social media on fire on March 15.

On March 19, it was found that Jesse Wellens’ website redirected to Trump’s official site.

He claims he “click baited the President.” He tweeted that “art is made to start a discussion. I think the world had a needed talk.”

Last year, Wellen inked a deal with talent agency WME and is working on a number of other projects.

As of press time, was still being directed to Donald Trump’s official website.

Numerous politicians, including president Donald Trump himself, have condemned Snoop’s “Lavender” video.

One Fox News host named Kimberly Guilfoyle even called for the rapper to be killed.