Happy Independence Day!!! ArnStar Reps for Indie Artists, Stands in His Legacy, and Brings Joy Back to Rap

ArnStar is the son of a Hip-Hop pioneer and the brother of one of rap’s darlings, but this 4th of July he claims his independence and stands on his own.

It’s Independence Day and there is no better way to celebrate than to look at one of the most exceptional indie artists in rap right now. It has become cliché to hear people say that they are “doing this for the culture.”

However, when it comes to the artist Arnstar, it probably is the only idiom that best expresses his genius; his gifting; his perspective on art. Out of all of his contemporaries mopping up and down the Billboard charts, he truly does it for the culture. Dropping music as an emcee and carrying the torch of dance handed to him from the womb by his father the legendary “Kippy Dee,” one of the original members of the pioneering b-boying troupe, the Rock Steady Crew.

The former Wild ‘N Out cast member makes music that invokes smiles, a little bit of cultural flossing, and an identity rooted in fun. His 2021 song, “We Out Here” featuring his blood sister Lil’ Mama, reminds the listeners that rap can be upbeat and lyrical.

His StarMix series consists of a few remakes from popular songs from artists that he admires. While the device has been used by many artists in the past, the clever way that he has deconstructed the song gives a flashback to old demos used from the founding fathers that made Hip-Hop fresh. His version of the Drake and Rick Ross “Lemon Pepper Freestyle,” showcases his creativity — and vision for himself as an artist.

His recently released heartfelt StarMix rendition of Yung Bleu and Drake’s “You’re Mines Still” is another example of passion, showing a vulnerability that is often lost on his generation.

While people throw the links on the grill, practice their “Wobble” and argue over who is gonna steal the show during Summer Madness (John John da Don or Tsu Surf), check out a true independent artist.