Heavy D’s Police Thriller Moving Into Production


(AllHipHop News) A police thriller co-written by late rapper Heavy D is heading into pre-production.

The Hip-Hop icon, real name Dwight Errington Myers, died from a pulmonary embolism in 2011 at the age of 44, when he was due to star in Crossed, a thriller he had written with Avery O. Williams.

On Tuesday (May 24), what would have been his 49th birthday, the rapper’s longtime friend and producer Gordon Bijelonic announced he would be honoring Heavy D by finally making the movie.

“It’s a way to celebrate the legacy of a great man, and another way for Hev, years after his passing, to continue to take care of his daughter that he loved so much,” Gordon said in a statement, according to Variety.com.

He also reveals they were both “committed to making this movie” before Heavy’s death and it was originally developed as a “starring vehicle” for the musician, who had previously had acting parts in movies “Tower Heist,” “The Cider House Rules” and “Step Up,” plus TV shows “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” “Bones” and “Boston Public.”

“Crossed” follows a street cop who jeopardises his life and career as he tries to bring down a drug kingpin. Heavy D had “dropped weight, got buffed, and even starred in a play, all in preparation” for the part, according to Avery. He also said they had offers to make the movie but they waited so Heavy D could be the star.

The rapper’s daughter Xea Myers will executive produce.

She says, “I knew my dad wanted to be a writer and an actor. And I’m so happy this will happen for him now because he deserves it.”